Eman El Ghandour

Eman El-Ghandour is an American Egyptian artist grew up in Cairo. Eman wanted to be an artist since her early childhood and her talent was obvious to her family and teachers who gave her all the support.She then joined the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo and was graduated from scenography department.She showed potentials to her professors while being a student and participated in Fine Arts students exhibition in 1998 .She participatedin Fine Arts graduates’ exhibition 2002.The annual Salon of Small Art Work exhibition 2004 at the Center of Art.Black and White exhibition at El-SawyCulture wheel 2009.She received a certificate in Movie directing and writing, she wrote and directed her first short movie (Bel-Makloub) , she joined Art Café  Maadiwhich is a center for art teachingfor young kids and adults.She participated in Opera Salon for  young artists affiliated to the Center of arts in  ,2011,2012,2013,2014 andZamalek Gallery 2014, Art Corner Gallery 2015.Emans work is so original like finger print as you can’t find it anywhere else , it emerges from her soul to her paintings .When you see Emans work you will instantly feel you are taken away in a dream that is full of symbols reflecting women feelings and inner state of mind, she mostly uses oil colors in her paintings.