Ghada Embarek

Ghada Embarek was born in Giza, Egypt 26 October, 1966. She graduated from Fine Art University in Zamalek. After graduation, she travelled to East Asia, spending three years in Japan and Indonesia where she was overwhelmed by the abundance and various styles of art. In 1991, Ghada had her first exhibition in her own gallery,  and joined several exhibitions afterwards. From 1999, she began teaching hundreds of children and youth the basic and advanced levels of art. In 2009, funded by the European Union, she travelled to the heart of Sinai to teach bedouin women how to decorate their homes. Thereafter, she progressively crystallized her style, incorporating all her life’s influences. In 2013, Ghada held her exhibition Endangered Motifs in Cairo, Egypt. Today, her work echoes Egyptian and Islamic motifs portraying real life. This influence is most pronounced in her latest exhibition “Souls through Eyes”