Dr. Hany Abdeelbadee

Hany Abdelbadeeis an Egyptian artist and an academic of art history. His study of art history has enriched his sentimental, knowledge as well as artistic formation. Despite his specialization in the art of the Renaissance era and the classical works of extreme idealism, we see in his work an abstract trend of a special nature. Abdelbadee has developed his own artistic style amidst the great momentum of the styles of contemporary artists.Abdelbadee has searched for the substance of beings not only for the external frame even if it has the attracting aesthetics values. His own style reflects the abstraction of elements as well as innovation of a world of artistic and intellectual relations. Moreover, we notice the historical aspect in a simple way, only reference or inspiration for some historical values specially the ancient Egyptian ones. Abdelbadeerelies while sculpturing on the raw materials of nature.In Abdelbadee'sworks, we see the mystical state. Despite the movement in his work, you feel the stillness overshadowing the whole work, which calls for a state of reverence and contemplation.  The artist’s works has their own special style distinguishing his presence among the artists of sculpture.