Hassan Fawzy

Hassan Nasseh Fawzy -is an Egyptian Architect & Consultant engineer.In the field of Architecture, the mother of Arts, He Entered several Architectural competitions & Received several Awards including First place Award in the Agha Khan Towers International competition. In the field of Art he started drawing in charcoal & graphite on paper since 2010, and held several art exhibits including “Egypt in greyscale” displaying his works at the syndicate of plastic arts at the Cairo Opera in March 2016, then a joint art gallery at the American University in Cairo in November 2016, and two consecutive exhibitions entitled “Features of Egypt” at the Great Cairo Library in Zamalek in December 2016, and January 2017.With his architectural background, he was inclined to draw historical buildings & Mosques on the streets & alleys of Cairo attracted by their rich Architecture and ornaments, adding figures of people to his drawings to complement the theme of the picture, skillfully using shades & shadows to dramatize the artistic appearance of the artwork. Later he became more inclined to drawing portraits and figures, displaying the cultural heritage, lifestyle, and traditional dress of the Egyptian people.