Omaima Alseesi

Omaima Alseesi is an Egyptian fine art painter and artist who has a passion for the traditions of the Egyptian life and its ancient heritage.Through her paintings, she presents this life through the common and rural areas as well as Upper Egypt where Egypt's environment of vibrant and rich colors reflected strongly on the themes of her art work. Omaima was born 1959, in Kuwait. She received her BA in English and German languages from Al-Alsun Faculty – Ain Shams University, 1980. She pursued a career in English & Arabic translation at a leading bank in Kuwait, and her latest position was Translation Manager at a multinational organization in Egypt.Throughout years of her career, the brush and colors never left her hands. Omaima is a self-taught artist and lately she joined various art workshops with well-known artists to refine her talent and exchange artistic experiences with other artists.Omaima became now a full-time painter using different styles of both realism and impressionism schools. Her artworkshave been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad includingshows at Ahmed Shawky Museum, Cairo Atelier, El Sawy Culture Wheel, Greek Campus Gallery, Duroub Art Gallery,Charity Exhibition for the Children Cancer Hospital 57357at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, "Rotterdam International Art Fair" – Netherlands 2016, "Word Art Dubai" – Dubai 2017and "Art Without Borders" – Italy 2017.  
  Omaima held her solo exhibition "Doors of Baheyya" at El Sawy Culture Wheel, Egypt. Through more than 40 oil paintings on canvas, Omaima presented ancient and traditional doors of Egypt. She also revealed the tales, people and places beyond these doors that reflect the heritage and the breathtaking beauty of Egypt, in addition to the simplicity and splendor of the Egyptian people. Omaima's paintings are found in some private galleries and many of her paintings were sold to a number of art lovers.

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