Ramy Rashad

Ramy Rashad is a different artist, he didn't study any sort of art but he was taught by his mother who is an artist (Anna Saadallah) by the age of two to draw and paint on the walls of their house, and that was his first canvas.He was born in 1984 and works as a pilot, and being a pilot helped him to see the different cultures, colors and arts of the world, from Japan to Canada and everything in between.His days in school were mainly spent in the arts studio of the school making sketches using pencil only, later on after he graduated from school he worked for a web design company that allowed him to work at a very young age as an artist who designed websites on paper to be digitalized later by professionals. He studied law and Aviation science at the same time in 2003 and he started working as a pilot at the age of22. He left the painting and drawing for a few years but it was in his blood and he managed to do some paintings during the years.In 2017 he started painting again using acrylic colors for the first time and he found a passion that he was longing for years.Now he's only enjoying the painting process and seeing his passion interpreted on white canvases with beautiful colors reflecting his knowledge and experience that he gained flying around the world.