Randa Fouad

Randa Fouad is an Egyptian contemporary artist with a passion for art and belief in the importance of art and culture in uniting the world and bringing people together.Randa, born and raised in Cairo in an artistic environment, started drawing and playing piano as child at the age of six parallel to taking music and art lessons. She was lucky to grow up in a house were the father was an architect who mastered classical music and the mother was one of Egypt’s prominent contemporary artists. Randa was also privileged to observe discussions going on around her by guests who were famous artists at that time,and who later became Egypt’s icons in contemporary art such as Bikar, Taheya Halim, Hamed Nada, SabriRagheb, GazebeyaSerry and Dr. Hassan Fathi,etc.As an adult, Randa continued painting as a hobby andsource of inspiration. She graduated from Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University and started her career as a writer, journalist and  development communications expert at different international organizations. She also held position of advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Environmentand became one of Egypts pioneer environmentalists. In 2014 Randa took the decision to fully focus on art while sitting in front of Sydney Harbor, Australia. She decided it was about time to follow herdream,shift her career, resume her art work seriously and devote all the time it takes to master and present herart abilities. She started studying art and took several professional courses for two years from 2014/16 on still nature,portrait and calligraphy using pencil, charcoal, acrylic and oil colors. The courses included different techniques with a number of Egyptian prominent contemporary artists, she also continued enriching her soul through consistent reading about history of art and other topics such as Egyptology andSufism.Randa'slove and passion for her country, nature, art, music and Sufism, that is built within her, becameevident in her paintings. She always tries to express her ideas on uniting the world and sometimes integrates/ expresses Sufi words/ images of love, compassion and peace. While at the same time,trying to present Egypt’s diversity and richness of cultures. She has this strong feeling that maybe she can contribute through her art to promote peace and love in the hearts of others at a time in our world that is mostly needed.Randa Fouad has participated in several exhibitions in Egypt, such as La Roche Art Gallery 2015, El Noor Art Gallery 2016, Spring Group Exhibition in Sakiet El Sawi Art Gallery 2017 ,Annual Women Artists Exhibitionorganized by The Egyptian Ministry of Culture at Cairo Opera 2017, Ramadan Group Exhibition in Sakiet El Sawi Art Gallery 2017,Lamassat Art Gallery Exhibition 2017 , Laylet El Qadr Exhibition in Sakiet El Sawi Art Gallery ,and Art Without Borders Exhibition  August 2017 in Rome. She aims to expand and exhibither paintings in different countries in the Middle East,Europe and the US .

Email: randafouad@link.net
Mobil: 002 01001887788