1. ICAB.COM obliged to complete and delivery the ordered services, within 10 working days.

2. Where a new member agreed to the terms of web site creation or e-shop by himself, he should have completed the work in 20 days. Otherwise, ICAB.COM is forced to cancel such cooperation, without consistent detriment. The deposit is non-refundable and the member may instruct the construction to ICAB.COM.

3. The volume of information per page in the web site, will not exceed 20 files (texts, photographs, etc.). For larger needs, members shall agree on the form of cooperation and further cost.

4. The volume of products (images) in the e-shop, will not exceed 100. For larger needs, members shall agree on the form of cooperation and further cost.

5. The ICAB.COM should receive all the files that will be displayed, in digital form, without mediation or other image editing controls.

6. If the new member needs photography or image processing products, then you will come to an agreement with ICAB.COM.

7. For successful operation and effectiveness of the web site and e-shop, requires active action of all members, as competitive pricing. If a member is inactive, or the products and the prices are not interested in the local or international market, then ICAB.COM bears no responsibility.

8. The first 1,000 members of the community, are considered “founding” and enjoy the discount of around 50%, because an effective contribution to the founding and development of the community.

9. Each member that offers recording of two new members with web site and e-shop or 3 members only with web site, then you will acquire the gift of hospitality for a year in the community. This would be true every year.

10. Any member who has e-shop will offer 5% by volume of retail sales in ICAB.COM.

11. All members have a moral obligation and agree to deal and cooperate with a view to common prosperity and development.

12. All members of ICAB.COM agree to support each other and simultaneously support community development.

13. In online community  ICAB.COM will host thousands of selected artists from around the world and selected businesses of all classes and professions.

14. The community looks forward and seeks to coexistence and interaction of art and business, driven culture of the wider economy and development, both individual and communal.

15. All members understand and agree that the economic cooperation between all members of the international community, and to attract new members selected, will help mathematically in the economic development of its members and the community at large.


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