Personal Information:

•    Artist Name: FATIMA AL OBAIDI 
•    Full name: Fatimah  Adil  Jumaah
•    Birth: 1974 
•    Specialization: painting 

Memberships And Titles:

•    Member of the Iraqi Association of Fine Artists 
•    Member of the union of Iraqi artists 
•    Member of the Association of Iraqi creators of Fine Arts 
•    Member of the International Center for Fine Arts 
•    Ambassador of the International Center For Plastic Arts
•      Ambassador of "The Peace Through The Art", From the European                   
•    Member of  SAKÜDER Association of Art and Culture in Turkey
•    Honorable Member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain.
•    Honorable Member of the EQUATOR Society For Fine Arts in 
        Slovakia / one of European Community organizations.

She Practiced her hobby in  painting since childhood and has continued it, and she grew up in the house of her uncle the pioneer artist late “ Mahmoud Al-Obaidi “ , (eldest of Fine Artists in Kirkuk), who had a great role in teaching her the art of painting and the magic of colors. 
From Al Obaidi galary she began as butterfly carries with it the colors of the rainbow and a paintbrush that never dissociation her, which reflective of what the inside of artistic creations, using the colors of the spectrum Fine touching creative and visionary ideas. 

Words  said about her

* The Iraqi Art pioneer Madam: Widad AL Orfali, Said about Fatima,    
   ( In the paintings of Fatima Al-Obaidi, the distribution of the harmonic colors is very beautiful,  
     and the joy , spirituality, softness… and tenderness senior representing the inside of the thin 
     personal love of life, including the beauty of an artist and perseverance will achieve great 
     successes inevitably In the near future). 

* The Iraqi Art Critic and Poet Mr. Hassan Abdul hameed
   ( The bumpers of the spiritual beauty and the sanctity of the consideration of things in mirrors, plates  
   (Fatima Al Obaidi) – in general – are moving towards the pride of her baptizing  sunken in the springs of 
     sweetness, her amazing care, accompanied by the sound of her colorful waterfalls full with  abundantly  
      rich light and sumptuous determination and dedication to the brightness of the forearm type fertile 
      beauty, in which things take charm of its  innocence, and the meaning of purity and glare purity, as well 
      as the meaning of motherhood and nurturance, which is equal to stream a lot of fragrant her paintings  
      and craftsmanship perceptions, which seek  to check the argument of one of philosophers of the beauty 
      saying (that heat cannot be separated from the flame … and beauty is inseparable from the eternality)

* The International Artist Mr. Mohammed Polis, Said about Fatima, 
    At the first Arab Festival of Art in 2013.
    ( Her paintings suggest a transparent and tenderness and poetic scenario where they like the rhythm 
     of a musical symphony, included in the color and the most beautiful in her paintings smoothness and 
     softness .. and then the color distribution is wonderful and thoughtful …. Where we find       
     psychological comfort. 
    Her paintings have a great flashy philosophy.. In its form and content of the aesthetic and beyond   
    Uncommon. She paints realistic but has dreamy romantic spaces.    
    The artist Fatima Al Obaidi has her new school in modernity).

* Mr. Ioannis Maronitis, the Vice President of UNESCO in Greece, Said about Fatima,  
    Dissuading introducing her appreciation certificate from UNESCO in Athens / Greece…     
    ( that he was very surprised by the style of Fatima Al-Obaidi in painting, which gives the impression to the recipient that he is in front of  empowered artist who reflects  in her colors her love for life and the   
    great optimism carried with her which highlighted clearly through her brushes in her paintings).

* Mr. Panagiotis Milt Zervas, (The director of Zervas Art Foundation, and the organizer of many 
   global plastic arts festivals), Said about Fatima, 
   ( Whenever I enter the workshop at the festival, Fatima Al-Obaidi painting was the first panel that 
    attracted me strongly as if it is calling me, in whole tenderness and softness….. her paintings filled with 
   life and optimism, and this is an important message emerges from the paintings of Fatima.      
   It is the spirit of love for good and beautiful life that reflect the culture and civilization of the people….       
   Her paintings contain harmonious relationship and communication between the bright, beautiful and 
    radioactive colors that marked Fatima Al-Obaidi who uses skillfully in her paintings).

 * Mr. Hassan Mlouani, the Moroccan critic and artist said about Fatima,  
   ( In her paintings … you find worlds of color proportions of art based on aesthetic taste which makes you   
    discover these technical ability that you enjoy cross the imaginary output to verify the face painting ….
    Through Postures drawn touches distinct facing this captivating beauty of the eye, which leaves a 
    positive impression about the decree on the plate … and notes through its dealings with the color and      
    shape and hang emotional creativity and composition of the items of the magnificent painting.     
    Fatima Al-Obaidi plates remain embodiment aesthetically her privacy, and would thus contribute
    to enrich the Arab world and the fine movement path).