Dearest friends artists,

"World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs" & "Club for UNESCO of Achaia" have the pleasure to invite you in order to present a MASTER CLASS in the works of the  International Painting Symposiums.

The participants of the  International Painting Symposiums by “Zervas Art” are welcomed to participate in the Master Classes!!!

In the artistic / Academic works of the International Painting Symposiums by “Zervas Art” are included and take place the INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC MASTER CLASSES. 

The project offers extra CERTIFICATE to the artists who give the class with the signature of “Zervas Art” and "Club for UNESCO of arts and letters of Achaia", that is Valuable for your Academic & professional career .

To your Master Class, it's your own presentation so you can tell whatever you want around your art and your artistic career.

You can speak about you, your cv, your artworks ,your techniques etc.

Your Presentation can lasts 20 minutes.

In the presentation of your master class will attend : The participants of the symposiums, local art lovers-visitors. 

Please aply and confirm as soon as possible. We will answer to you after 5 working days. 


Fill the following aplication for your participation:

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