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A great artistic cooperation is held in Sidi Bou Said at the dates 01-06 November 2019 which insists on producing world civilization and spreads its wings, inviting more than 60 countries that officially support the artistic and organizing solvency of 'cooperation' and actors who dare a unique artistic event with the axis of art.
“Zervas Art Club in SidiBou Said” and the President Mrs. Salma Ben Aicha, organize and invite to the works more of 200 artists every year from whole the world to all the SYMPOSIUMS to create, to participate in the international dialogue and offer a unique experience for participants and visitors.
The artists create live daily from 11:00 until 18:00 and the entrance is free to the public. 
Great artists make specialized lectures MASTER CLASSES that can watch art lovers, artists and all those interested to enrich their knowledge from the renowned artists of all the Art Fairs.  
The validity of the information, the creation without borders, the fascination of the different and the communication between people and peoples with the language of art is the “SOS” message that  the Symposiums is sending out.
The participation of distinguished artists-Professors from Universities of Fine Arts from many different countries all over the world is about one of the largest international artistic productions and a modern political culture in the Art Fairs  realized every year and aim the artistic dialogue in applied culture and applied sciences with recipient man, an international society of states, to roommates of a planet … with serious similarities with serious differences, but living the same anxieties.

One of the most important, international artistic events opens its doors residing in in the capitals of culture, which contribute to the overall cultural development and communication between people and peoples with the axis of art. 
The INTERNATIONAL PAINTING SYMPOSIUMS of and the President Mrs. Salma Ben Aicha and“ Zervas Art Club in Sid iBou Said” is a major international artistic and scientific excess and is implemented in Greece since 2002 from “Zervas Art” and persists despite the global crisis of values to produce culture and to grow year after year. At the works of CULTURES OF COSMOS participate each year 1000 different artists from about 160 different countries that officially support the artistic and organizing solvency of the tournament, which dares a unique artistic and scientific production in this confused period.

The institution of the International Painting Symposiums has become a major artistic initiative of “Zervas Art Club in SidiBou Said” that has made the institution as an international arts. More than 60 countries, 50 Universities of Fine Arts and more than 500 artists (whose number is growing daily) cooperate and participate in a great artistic events which has become an international artistic movement.                                                                                                                                                                          
The International Painting Symposiums / Master Classes is one of the largest international, artistic competitions and has attracted the interest of the international community of art and culture, despite the difficult moments of the overall international crisis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The diversity of countries, cultures and styles intervene as a force that acts as a catalyst at participating artists of whom most are university professors of Fine Arts, painting to create vivid and present outstanding works of art to art lovers in every city.

Visitors and friends of Zervas Art Fairs enjoy a high level of artistic organization in the unique spaces of Symposiums to follow the building of the art works.


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