“World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” which is based in 24 countries,

“Club for UNESCO for Art & Letters of Achaia”,

& “Zervas Art”,

kindly inform you about the realization of the International Cultural, Artistic & Scientific project

WORLD ACADEMIC ART CONGRESS “ART & SCIENCE FESTIVAL of UNIVERSITIES & ACADEMIES of FINE ARTS” where Universities and Academies of Fine Arts participate.

The character of the event have two plans:

Plan A: Exclusive Participation of your country. Extra title: (country name) FINE ART IN GREECE

Plan B:  Participation of more countries

Your collaboration and your support will be previous to promote our proposal to the Ministry of Culture & Universities or Academies of Fine Arts of your country and will be great honor for our Organization to welcome the participation of:

  1. Academic artistic group of Professors from your Universities of Fine Arts (5 -20 seats)
  2. Artistic group of Students from your Universities of Fine Arts (50 – 200 seats)

It will be so important if your Academic / Artistic delegation present and promote your great culture to the International Artistic & Academic community.

The stay of the participants will take place in Athens at 10-15 April 2019 in the “President Hotel”. Also the event will be realized in the congress hall of the hotel. 


Included:  5 nights hotel / daily breakfast / tour in Athens / 4 meals / 5 dinners / 1 party / online painting exhibition / 3 certificates / 1 medal / easels / canvases / congress hall / visit in Acropolis Museum & Parthenon / transportation from the airport / interviews & international promotion / meeting with the Athens University of Fine Arts / painting exhibition / traditional dancing performance / live music concert / edition of congress practices

The global goal of the event is the culture of the art and the sciences of art to be more useful for the everyday life for all the people with any differentially and similarity under the axis of the international dialogue with the language of art and support the human dignity.

A large international artistic-academic Fair will be realized for 5 days in Athens based on multicultural character having as a purpose the communication between people and nations with their similarities and differences and finally through the art to awake and move the revolution for the inactive societies.

With the belief that the WORLD ACADEMIC ART CONGRESS “ART & SCIENCE FESTIVAL of UNIVERSITIES & ACADEMIES of FINE ARTS” is an important cultural event of special importance that the arts and sciences are axis of a general development and that modern civilization is a presumption for the modern economy and for the worldwide history, we expect the participation of your country in the great artistic & cultural event.