Message from President

The Zervas Art Clubs in Egypt has been established to reflect the dynamic nature of visual arts and culture in our World, The aim of the club is to connect the community with the unique artistic experiences to explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, places and cultures. Our club connects artists from all over the world with different backgrounds to share their personal and cultural context through visual communications, also offers a wide range of artistic and touristic activities that can fully serve our club members for the demands of “Zervas Art” objectives.

“Zervas Art” community spans the globe with activities ranging from International Painting Symposiums, Master Classes and Scientific conferences, as well as Painting Exhibitions and other various prestigious artistic projects and activities.

Several thousands of acknowledged artists of different cultural backgrounds, political perspectives, colors, religions, mentalities and artistic value comprise the aforementioned community. The interaction among distinctive cultures and the respect and tolerance towards diversity constitute the strong

Foundations on which the huge international artistic “Zervas Art” community has been established and developed.


Our Club will offer the following Activities


– International painting Exhibition

– Solo painting Exhibition

– Artistic Scientific Master Classes

– Art& Science Festival

– Kids Painting Symposium

– Cultural-Scientific Congresses and Conferences

– Educational projects

– Tourism- Agricultural Tourism

– Festivals