Amer Dahi Ali : Born in Syria 1978 
Member of Union of Fine Artists – Syria 
Award of the Union of Fine Artists in Syria in oil painting 2015 
Award of creativity in drawing and painting oil in the youth competition 8 in 2013 
Founder of the first gallery of Fine Arts in Jableh • work in :
Fine Arts Committee Chairman at Syrian Exporters Federation. –
Coordinator of recreational activities at Syria Trust Development – Qutilibeh. –
Instructor of painting and decoration at TishreenUnivercity – Faculty of Education. –
Director of the activities center in Jibla–
Teacher of art education in several schools. Currently he works :
Director of Amer Gallery of Art – Jableh – Syria 
He has held several solo exhibitions ( Alshaab Gallery in Damascus – Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus – Artists Union Gallery in Tartous – Amer Art Gallery – Cultural Club in Sharjah – Beial Lebanon Hall) 
Participated in many group exhibitions (Jableh – Latakia – Tartous – Damascus – Beirut – Sharjah – Dubai) 
• Coordinator of Art events :
1 – Rawasi I Fine Arts Forum in Jableh and its mountains from 24/4/2014 until 1/5/2014 
2 – Workshop for young people in experimental art with the artist Anwar Rahbi 2014 Jableh
3 – Workshop with artist Abdul Rahman Muhanna 2015 Jableh
4 – Workshop in the art of caricature with the artist HossamWahb .Jableh
5- A joint exhibition of a group of Syrian artists (Anwar Al-Rahbi, Nazeer Ismail, Lina Al-Aseel, Ali Selim Al-Khaled, Nabil Razouk, Lina Deeb, Ahmed Abu Zeina, Mahmoud Al-Jawabra) 
6- Exhibition of artist Ali Makus 2014 Jableh
7 – Exhibition of Artist MohiEddin Al-Homsi 2015 Jableh
8 – Exhibition of the artist Nour al – Kawah
9 – Exhibition of artist Amer Ali 2013 Jableh
10 – Exhibition of artist Imarosh 2013 Jableh
11- Exhibition of the artist Raoua Hassan 2013 Jableh
12- Exhibition of artist Khalil Ibrahim 2013 Jableh
13 – Exhibition of artists Ahmed Suleiman and AksamSalloum .Jableh
14 -Exhibition of artist Amer Ali 2017 Jableh
15 – Exhibition of artist ZuhairKhalifa 2017. Jableh
16 – Exhibition of artist Rana Housain. Jableh
17- Exhibition of artist Hassan Halawani. Jableh
18- Exhibition of artist HossamWahab .Jableh
19- Exhibition of Artist Smokan 2017 .Jableh
20 – Heritage Exhibition of Hassan Suleiman .Jableh
21- Workshop with artist Mohammed Rikoui 2018. Jableh
22- Workshop with artist Kazim Khalil 2018 .Jableh
23- Workshop with young artists 2018 .Jableh
24- Exhibition of artist Amer Ali 2018 .Jableh
25 – Exhibition of artist ZuhairKhalifa 2018 .Jableh
26 -Jableh Cultural Days Festival 2018
• Specialized in kids art and mastered about 30 technical specialties for children. 
• Supervising the activities of children, including: 
1. A group painting entitled "Children paint hope" With a length of 600 m and a width of 1 m participated more than a thousand children Of the children of Tartous on the sea promenade within the activities First Tartous Flower Festival held in cooperation Between Tartus City Council and the Syrian Exporters Union 2015 
2. A group painting entitled "We want to live with love" is a length 100 m and 1 m width painted by the children of Jableh city were sponsored Syria Trust Development 
3. A group painting entitled "joy of childhood", a length of 40 m and 1 m Drawing by the children of Jableh within the activities of Jableh Cultural Festival 2007 
4. A mural entitled "Syrian children love each other" painted by 35 children in cooperation with the city council of Lattakia 2010 
5. Mural entitled "Our childhood" painted by about 30 children in Latakia in cooperation with the Council of the city of Latakia and Pioneers 2009 
6. Workshop and presentation of children with special needs in cooperation with the National Association for the integration of people with special needs in the community 2010 Jableh
7. Workshop and presentation of children with special needs in cooperation with Dar Al Amani Association for the Care of People with Special Needs 2011 Jableh
8. Children's Artists Exhibition (8) entitled "We Draw Joy" with the participation of 175 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2015 
9. Children's Artists Exhibition (7) titled "Our Imagination .. Creativity" with the participation of 150 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2014 
10. Children Artists Exhibition (6) entitled "Dunya .. and more" with the participation of 165 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2013 
11. Children Artists Exhibition (5) entitled "We Want to Live in Peace" with the participation of 125 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2012 
Children's Artists Exhibition (4) entitled "A Great Home .. A Great Heart" with the participation of 145 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2011 
12. Children Artists Exhibition (3) titled "Collage" with the participation of 113 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2010 
13. Children Artists Exhibition (2) entitled "My right .." with the participation of 175 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2010 
14. Children Artists Exhibition (1) entitled "Creativity .." with the participation of 130 children aged 5-13 years in Jableh city 2009