S E N D  U S  Y O U R  D O C U M E N T S                                               to be prided for FREE in our Art Magazine 

Firstly, fill the form  “DATA PRINT” with your necessary details  and after that prepare the documents that you want to publish in our magazine and send them to zervasart@gmailcom. Our special committee  will collect and select the documents  that you sent  and will published them FREE with the first chance. The Secretary department of the magazine will inform you for the publication of your documents. 

The documents of the magazine disclose to you  artistic articles, dedications  important and famous artists and write down  of special and big events  which happens  in the big artistic  & scientific  community  of  Zervas Art, which consists today from almost  10.000 artists and friends. Articles  about the sciences of art publishes to «Zervas Art Magazine» from important personalities of art and sciences , in order to valid  inform you for subjects  that  occupies  the  Scientifics , political and  social  properties of art. 
                                                                                                                                                     The International  Academician  Community  publishes  articles and lectures  that countersigned  buy  high level  Academicians  from several countries. 

Send us your documents as soon as possible:

  • Photos of you
  • Photos of your work
  • Your lectures
  • Articles for your work
  • Criticisms for your work 
  • Your bibliography 
  • Your awards & diplomas
  • Sort CV 


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