What is not?

It’s not the answer in one question which has been made…

What is?

Regarding one skip / challenging the current international conjectural politics of fear, which forgot the "human" as recipient and addressed him in a vacuum.

It is a new cultural policy of art which applied art as a social product centered on the "coexistence", the "awakening" and "development". The new PATRAS BIENNALE unfolds in numerous open and closed spaces, exhibition halls or not, aimed at
"co-organized" institutions and states, with solidarity strategy collaboration and building cultural perspectives and recipient humans.

It is an outstanding BIENNALE belongs and invites the «citizen» of dignity and rights all without exception cultures, of colors and countries, despite their similarities and differences.

It is a political, economic, scientific manifest of art full development and implementation, with subsequent change of life style of a whole city, cultural consciousness and economic attitudes, which is being built with the participation around 120 countries, 4.000 participant artists and scientists, duration 31 days, unfolding in about 100 utilitarian and exhibition halls. Art is a response to someone who didn’t ask.

PATRAS BIENNALE is  the answer in one question which has not been made …

U are beautiful

«I was there too» You will have the right to contend, after your participation  to the only one  artistic experience 1st PATRAS BIENNALE.   

“Zervas Art” and partners proceeded with launching the “1st PATRAS BIENNALE”, aspiring to interact with the international artistic community, as well as with the culture and sciences with pertinence to Art. PATRAS BIENNALE was founded in order to communicate with the international artistic community of Cosmos as well as with the” Zervas Art” community, consisting of 10.000 artists from as many as 70 -80 countries, with a view to establishing, promoting and developing an artistic interaction on a global scale, dating back to 1999 with the organization and successful conduction of numerous highly-acclaimed artistic initiatives. “Zervas Art” community spans the globe with activities ranging from International Painting Symposiums, Master Classes and Scientific conferences, as well as Painting Exhibitions and other various prestigious artistic projects and activities. Several thousands of acknowledged artists of different cultural backgrounds, political perspectives, colours, religions, mentalities and artistic value comprise the aforementioned community.

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The interaction among distinctive cultures and the respect and tolerance towards diversity constitute the strong foundations on which the huge international artistic c “Zervas Art” community has been established and developed for 17 years, constantly being enriched with innovative artistic and scientific products which consolidate the main principles of the community and could be expressed with one single word : ‘’co-existence’’!

Therefore, the “PATRAS BIENNALE” is launched and introduced to enrich the acquisitions of the World Art Community, transcending similarities and overlooking differences, with an aspiration to host the most remarkable activities of ARTISTS partners/members of the international community and make abundantly clear that the Art, science and culture have a sole object towards whom they are addressed, this being the individual, that this very notion constitutes an undeniable and beyond dispute right for each and every one of us and that they provide the ideal creative outlet which the human kind has to entrust its fate to and follow.