1. The amount of the advance is not refundable for any reason, if the artist cancel his participation.
2. If Patras Biennale be canceled for any reason, Zervas Art is obliged to accept the 100% of the advance of every artist for the registration / participation to the International Art Fair as advance or total payment.
3. Every artist has the right to use the last advance  in duration of 2 years until  30/07/2020. The refund is impossible.
4. Participation with the sending of your artworks instead of your attendance = 180€
5. Please send  your artworks (dates of your participation) from today until 30 May 2020 
6. The Participants have to manage the shipping cost of their paintings (sending and return)
7. Patras Biennale has the obligation to exhibit the artworks exactly under the agreement with the artist or the institution, gallery, ministry etc.

Patras Biennale has the right to change: a. the participation cost b. the opening dates c. the general program and every other     point  which maybe will be necessary until 2 months before the opening.  


In case of an artist cancel his participation in the tours of Patras Biennale, the prepaid amount isn't refundable. It can be used to a next tour.