CV President

Hoda Abdelaziz Aly Salah El Din

Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Zamalek, Egypt, 2007. I am an International Bachelor Visual Arts Diploma teacher and examiner, Masters in advanced teaching, CA, USA, Art Education from University of Florida, USA, 2019. International teaching certified from Acacia University in Arizona, USA, 2016. Participation in several international art exhibitions and my artworks are displayed in several famous art galleries in Cairo.


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Henri Matisse

I have always believed in this quote, as an artist I always observe the tiny beautiful details around me, believe in no chances, there is a destiny and fate that you can shape it, I have the passion and the power to enhance everything around and I know how I can find my way to achieve my goals as I will never stop learning and transfer the knowledge I get.. I live in a beautiful Spot on the Earth, I live in Egypt were sun, charm, heritage over 5000 BC. and serenity you can find, I am so attached and inspired by my country and I feel that I owe her, to take an action and spread art and culture everywhere for our children to be raised and believe in the value of art ..

I am a lover of Egyptian nature and its imaginary scenery, I have created three series of art works “Serenity, Imaginary and Impact” over 50 painting on large canvas expressing the beauty of our nature, mountains and sea views. And then followed with “Hangovers” Art series as a flash back stories from our ancient Egypt priests’ magic stories. Even though many people do not believe in supernatural forces,magic played a huge role in forming the ancient African culture and society, magic was a way of life to our African ancestors and appeared impressively in every aspect in ancient Egyptian civilization.

Hangovers art collection inspired by our ancestors spiritual values, they believed that metaphysical supernatural forces created the world and they believed in afterlife. Ancient Africans had conceptual ideas about spirits, nature, universe and minds as magic healed people, brought rain, helped to conceive, and they casted spells to save souls and tombs. Our ancestors worshiped Gods who had magical powers, through mythologies in temples as sculptures and paintings on the walls, prayers gave to their Gods sacrifices as rituals seeking for help or a bless.



- Helwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts 2002-2007 Egypt, Cairo

-Bachelor degree with Very Good , Major Painting

- Acacia University 2017-2019 USA, AZ

-Professional development courses (Professional Learning Community)

-International Teaching Certificate

- Instructional Organizers ( 45 credit hours)

- Classroom Management ( 45 credit hours)

- Progress Monitoring ( 45 credit hours)

- Developmental Strategies ( 45 credit hours)

- Active Learning Strategies ( 45 credit hours)

- Uopeople University 2019 USA,CA

-Masters in advanced teaching



Visual Arts Teacher Egypt, Cairo

(SAT, IGSCE, IB diploma) 2011 – 2019

Roots International School 2011-2014

Visual Arts teacher grade (3-8)

Events Coordinator

International School of Elite Education 2014-2019

American, British division Visual arts teacher (grade 1- 11) 2014-2016

IB DP Visual Arts teacher 2016-2019

IB DP Visual Arts Examiner 2018-2019


My artworks are continuously exhibited in ARTSMART since 2017

DAI Gallery 2018

Alahram Exhibition Hall 2018- 2019

Picasso Art Gallery 2019



1- Biennale Sharm el sheikh 2017

2- Creative Artist Art Forum 2017

3- Dai Arab Youth Festival 2018

4- International Art and Creativity Forum 4th Round ,Cairo 2018

5- World Art youth forum 2018,Sharm El Sheikh 2018

6- 2nd Cairo Art Fair, UNESCO for arts and letters of Achaia 2019

7- Ostraka Cairo Biennale 2019

8- Art and Culture Art Exhibition , Al-Ahram press art gallery

9- 1st symposium for African Art in Egypt 2019

10- Ahmed Shouky Museum- Exhibition “circumstances” 2019

11- Hurghada Art Carnival 2019



I have organized the following workshops “ Age 14-16) :

 Biennale Sharm el Sheikh 2017 “ European and Egyptian Artists”

Workshops with International Artists “ AntonioBedritte and Gamal Meleka”

World Art Youth Forum Sharm El Sheikh 2018

Workshops with International Artists “ Prof.GhazaliMoinuddin, Prof.OrhanCebrailoglu, Prof .AbdelsalamEid and Prof.Motaz Kamal”

Mater Class in 2nd Cairo art fair UNESCO for arts and letters of Achaia

Events coordinator

World Junior Art Forum 2019 ,Sharm El Sheikh My Role :- General Commissar



1- Edupedia, Certificate of Completion Teaching to support learning Course, June2016

2- Edupedia, Certificate of Completion The role of Assessment in the learning Process Course, August 2016

3- IB Professional Development, Certificate of Completion Visual art Cat.1, December 2016.

4- Acacia University Professional Development, Certificate of Instructional Organizers, December 2017.

5- Acacia University Professional Development, Certificate of Progress Monitoring, May 2018.

6- Acacia University Professional Development, Certificate of Developmental Strategies, August 2018.

7- Acacia University Professional Development, Certificate of Classroom Management, November 2018.

8- Acacia University Professional Development, Certificate of Active learning strategies, March 2019

9- The World Scholar’s Cup 2018, reorganization for distinguished service as a debate adjudication,

10- Dai Art Festival For winning Artist Fahd Al Hajylany Award 2018

11- World Art Youth Forum 2018 Certificate of achievement under the auspices of Governor of South Sinai

12- International Art and Creativity Forum 4th Round ,Cairo 2018, Certificate of participlation

13- Zervas Art Club for UNESCO of Achaia ,certificate of participation in 2nd Cairo Art Fair

14- Ostraka Biennale certificate of participation.

15- Art and Culture exhibition certificate of participation.

16- 1st symposium for African Art in Egypt 2019